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Internship Opportunities


TSRI intern positions are designated for students currently enrolled in high school, an associate's program, a bachelor's program (preferred) or a master's program who wish to receive occupational experience. Internships are designed to provide closely supervised training with the purpose of providing an environment where interns can develop professional skills and gain experience.

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UCSD Work-Study

Work-study is awarded by the Financial Aid Office at UC San Diego as part of your financial aid package. It allows you to earn money for your educational and other expenses. It does not pay your tuition.  To determine if you have an award, review your Award Notification on TritonLink.

What requirements must I meet to participate in the work-study programs?
For both of the programs, you must:

  • be a UC San Diego undergraduate student enrolled in a minimum of 6 units;
  • demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in a program leading to a degree, according to federal standards;
  • have been offered and officially accepted a work-study award for the current academic year.


Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) Program

The SURF Program offers its participants an academic structure that integrates cutting-edge hands-on laboratory research with professional skills development and mentoring. Each of the major program components – curriculum and professional development workshops and research experiences – will be made up of several elements that work together and provide a stepwise approach to improving interns’ critical thinking skills, scientific preparation skills, knowledge base, and research expertise. .

Kellogg School of Science and Technology - Academic Preparation and Educational Outreach Programs

Our programs promote science education and awareness nationally and locally by raising undergraduate and high school students' awareness of career opportunities in the biomedical and chemical sciences, providing middle and high school teachers with cutting-edge professional development, and fostering an understanding in the general public of the basic ties that exist between biomedical research and human health.

Kenan Fellows Undergraduate Internship Program

The Scripps Florida Kenan Fellows Summer Internship for Undergraduates is an intensive 10-week program designed for returning Kenan Fellows who previously participated in the program as a high school student. The program broadly explores chemical reactivity and diversity as tools to probe biochemical structure and function and the connection of molecular and cellular structure with complex organismal phenomena such as aging, metabolism, learning and memory.

Summer Immunology and Virology Undergraduate Fellowship 2010: An Advanced Program in Science Research Education (SINAPSE)

This is an intensive summer research experience open to talented undergraduate students interested in Immunology and Virology. The program has been created to expose undergraduates to state of the art immunological and virological research, provide an introduction to the TSRI Graduate Program and motivate and prepare them for career opportunities in Immunology and Virology.


High School Student Research Education Program

The Scripps Research Institute's high school internship program exposes students to contemporary issues in biomedical research and provides hands-on laboratory experience and mentorship. The program is a part of the San Diego Workforce Partnership’s Life Sciences Summer Institute which begins with a one-week unpaid boot camp followed by a seven-week paid research internship.

High School Student Summer Internship Program

The Scripps Florida High School Student Summer Internship Program has been created to expose students to a variety of contemporary issues in basic biomedical research, provide hands-on laboratory experience, and motivate and prepare students for continuing education in the sciences.

* TSRI does not allow any minor under the age of 16 to be employed in any position. Minors are not permitted to start work at TSRI until all required documents have been received by Human Resources. TSRI will comply with all provisions for work hours, meal and rest periods, wages, and occupational restrictions as required by federal and state child labor laws.


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